Craig Salabor - Treasurer

For over 40 years, Craig Salabor has been respected for his vision and leadership in the steel industry throughout the Mid-South.

Craig began his career in 1976 as a shipping helper for Steelcraft. Over the course of the next six years, he climbed the ladder as a machine operator, a manager, and finally as a project engineer with Steelcraft.

From 1982-1984, he was the project engineer for Dynasteel. In 1984, he worked for Ryan Steel in Memphis as its sales estimator. In 1986, Ryan Steel opened an office in Dallas, TX, and promoted Craig to the chief estimator of that office. 

He held this position until 1988. In 1988, Craig opened his own steel fabrication business named Progress Fabricating Company. After 3 years of owning this business, Craig became the joint owner of Quality Iron Fabricators. He was a joint owner from 1992 to 2018. His success in the steel business can be traced to several steel companies over the past three decades. Those companies in which he was an owner/partner were River City Erectors of Memphis, River City Erectors of Nashville, River City of Louisiana, Quality Iron of Louisiana, MIG Steel Fabrication in Lexington, TN, and American Davit in Nashville, TN. Craig’ integrity and honesty have led him to become more involved in philanthropic endeavors such as the Mike Miller Foundation. He enjoys giving back to his community and to those less fortunate. Two of his core values are to recognize and reward those who are on the front line doing the blue-collar labor in his companies. The reward to these employees is a percentage of the companies’ profits. Craig and his wife Susan have two children and two grandchildren that he loves spending time with. In his spare time, is enjoys playing golf, fishing and is an avid duck hunter.

Susan Hughes – Learn More
She moved on to accounting in later years in the same company she started in. Later, when given the chance to own her own steel fabrication company, she took it. She became a WBE, Women’s Business Enterprise, owned business. Sunny spends her time off with her husband, David Hughes of 19 years, and their two beautiful children Elizabeth, and Logan.