Our Voortman Line

The Voortman Line

The Voortman line with the V6303 spindle drill, the V1050 mitering bandsaw, and V808 robotic plasma coper. It is the industry leader in Auto motion, versatility, and production rates. A lot of this is due to its smart conveyor and buffers ensure that all 3 machines are constantly working, with little to no downtime for strategy. The V630 drill is compatible of day layout on all sides of product being run. Reducing fit up time by fitters, just doublechecking layout marks and placing component for welding. The V1050 saw has horizontal mitering. 0-60 degrees and capacity to 44” beams. The V808 plasma coper utilizes a Panasonic robot and a Hypertherm 300mmp power source capable of cutting, coping, slotting, and weld preps up to 3” carbon steel. The smart conveyor system is capable of handling. 700 pounds per feat material up to 25,000tls per part. Separate machine V505 angle processing machine, capacity of 7x7x ¾ angle punching in both legs at angle and sheering automatically.


Voortman V808 – Robotic profile cutting up to 1.250 mm (50″) width
The Voortman V808 is the most versatile and market leading robotic thermal cutting machine with 8-axis for processing wide profiles with an operating width up to 1.250 mm (50″). The extreme flexibility of the robot combined with the machine structure enables the machine to cut every 3D shape possible and mark all four sides of your material. This system allows for enormous freedom to design and produce structures with the most complex connections and copes, but also a significant increase in production speed. Copes, bolt holes, slots, notches, bevels, weld preparation and layout marking – The Voortman V808 does it all!


Voortman V630 – Three axis beam drilling and milling

The Voortman V630 has 3 independent drilling heads for fabricators that need maximum output. The machine can drill both flanges and the web at the same time, significantly reducing labor hours and operating costs during production. Each drilling unit has its own 5-piece automatic tool changer for carbide tipped drilling, HSS drilling, thread-tapping, countersinking, layout marking, or centerpoint marking all on one process list. The V630 is the perfect choice for a back-to-back saw/drill line and for large fully automated beam lines.


VOORTMAN V505-160T – Angle punching and shearing

The Voortman V505-160T CNC angle punching, shearing, and drilling machine is designed with speed and stability in mind for maximum output and quality when processing angle bar. The machine’s unmatched processing speed and automated features guarantee a significant improvement in productivity. The V505T optimizes material efficiency by processing with minimal scrap. The machine’s robust construction ensures optimal results. When you only want the best in angle processing, the V505-160T is ready to accelerate your production.



The Voortman VB Range CNC bandsaw machine is designed to provide automated straight and miter cutting for structural steel. Each machine is mounted to a heavy-duty frame and comes equipped with the latest technology in servo motors and ball-screw spindles. The VB Range cuts with optimal speed and quality for maximum production throughout.

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